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Colt large diameter Trigger (.170).

There are two things that are referred to when talking about large pin Colts. The most common is the size of the trigger group pins. Mil-spec pins measure 0.154 inch while many Colt AR-15’s have pins that measure 0.170 inch. Colt started using 0.154 pins in newer production guns. This is important when the owner of a Colt rifle desires to replace parts, you must know what size pins your rifle has before purchasing. The other part referred to is the front takedown pin on early models. Often referred to as “green label Colts” these models were produced from 1963 – 1989. The large pin is easily identified by a slotted screw head on both ends and was dropped in 1989 when the “blue label Colts” started to be produced. This would affect replacing the upper receiver assembly with a standard pin size unit.

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Colt (.170) Trigger
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