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Product Details

Single point sling designed by an operator

STRIKE Tatical Urban Defender Sling for the AR-15 Carbine, a design by Henk Iverson....

STRIKE Tactical Urban Defender Sling was design for use by rapid response officers for the AR-15 Rifle. This sling uses a single point attachment to the AR-15 via a Thumb Clip.

The sling can be adapted from the standard neck sling to a shoulder sling by unclipping a buckle that is attached to the sling. Fast and innovative!


Sling Criteria

I have several criteria that have to be met when I select a sling for a carbine.

1. Ease of use - I want to figure out how the sling works WITHOUT the "manual"! 2. The sling must be easy to get into or out of.

3. Operators must be able to swing the carbine through 90 degrees across the chest (left to right/right to left) without interference from the sling. This is necessary for use inside a vehicle. (VIP Protection etc)

4. Operators must be able to use the carbine from an under-arm close quarters ready, shoulder ready, over shoulder indoor ready position, without interference from the sling.

5. Operators must be able to go into a kneeling or prone position without sling intereference or having to adjust the sling.

6. Operators must be able to fire the carbine with ONE hand (left or right) without sling interference.

7. Operators must be able to transition the carbine from the right shoulder to the left shoulder and visa versa in an instant, without interference from the sling, without any adjustments.

8. The sling must be easy to put on or take off the carbine.

9. Slings have to be stong in design and construction and must be reasonably priced.

10. Slings have to retain the carbine when the latter is dropped - transition to other weapons etc.

These are really strong criteria and very seldom do you find ALL the features that you are looking for. Don't get me wrong, there are some great slings out there that will fit the bill. Most are just way too expensive in my opinion!

In South Africa, I used the Mini-Uzi submachine gun. For that weapon I made a simple neck sling that was attached to a single attachment point on the gun. The sling was a single loop that I threw over my head, around my neck when I needed the weapon but I could get out of in an instant by bending my head down, bringing the sling over.

Looking at the AR15 carbine, I wanted to make a similar sling. The difference is of course the size of the carbine compared to the Mini-Uzi and the weight of the AR15. I described what I wanted to friend, Andy Oriens, who immediately made up a few for me. These simple slings were the foundation of the "Urban Defender Sling" that we now produce.

The "Urban Defender Sling" is designed with Rapid Response Officers in mind. The sling attaches to the carbine via a single-point sling adapter plate. The sling is neatly folded onto the stock of the AR15 and held in place with masking tape.

When deploying from a vehicle, the operator grabs the carbine and as he/she moves, the sling is deployed by pulling it free from the stock. The single loop is now deployed over the head of the operator and the carbine can be used immediately. When deployed as a single loop, the "Urban Defender Sling" is NEVER in the way of the fire controls of the AR15. The carbine can be used in the under-arm CQB ready position, over shoulder indoor ready position, shoulder ready position, standing, kneeling, prone shooting positions, shooting from behind cover, shooting from the right or left shoulder WITHOUT ANY interference from the sling. The carbine can be reloaded and shot from any concievable position without the sling being in the way.

We have added another feature though. Some operators just do not like the sling being around their neck. On the side of the single loop of the sling, a plastic buckle is attached. Clip this free, pull the Velcro loose and now you have a large singe loop. Slip your arm through and you have a shoulder sling. Again, the sling will NOT interfere with ANY of my above criteria. Getting out of the sling is just as easy.

We have done numerous tests on the sling. Our sling is attached to the carbine by a double "Fireman's Clip". The clip is protected by a nylon sleeve. This sleeve protects the finish on your carbine as well. The attachment latch on the clip was too long, so I ground them down. I did this so no accidental mishaps can occur when the clip gets hooked onto gear etc. I clipped a sling onto a steel ladder and had a friend hang from it (200 pounds of man flesh) without the clip giving.

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