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Your M&A ads say that I will need a "stripped lower receiver" what exactly is that?

Our Complete Rifle/Carbine Kits come with everything you will need to build up your AR15 except a stripped lower receiver, a magazine, ammunition and targets! A lower receiver is the part of the rifle that the US Government and the ATF decided constitutes "the gun". It is the inert chunk of metal that has all these openings and holes, along with a serial number. By ATF regs, you must obtain this from your local FFL Gun Dealer or an individual, usualy within your state. They are easy to order and obtain. To this piece of metal, you attach the pistol grip, insert the magazine into the large hole or "well" on the bottom, install the internal parts (such as the trigger, safety, magazine catch, and all of the included parts in the AR15 Lower Parts Kit, etc) and then with the use of two pins, snap on the "Complete Barreled Upper". Your lower receiver when combined with all of the other necessary parts in our Complete Kits will have you off and shooting in short order. Please ask the manufacturer if your stripped lower receiver is to USGI dimensions. Most any milled forged receiver is. Do not ask us if our parts will fit XYX receiver. We know what we are: USGI dimension.

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