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I have this problem with a kit I ordered

We'll assist you in every way possible with resolving any problem. We can more effectively manage any situation if you call us immediately upon receipt. YOU MUST CLAIM any shipping damage with UPS immediately upon arrival. If something arrives broken- it happened during shipment. Get on the phone with UPS first! There is no other assistance we can offer- that's how their insurance works.

Here are some common problems and resolutions:

Q: I can't cock the weapon, very hard to pull the charging handle back.
A: Lube it, its also possible that you have the hammer spring in upside down.

It double taps, gives me two shots at a time.
A: Most likely ou have the disconnector spring upside down.

Q: Upon extraction I wind up with 1/2 ripped out shell casings remaining in the chamber.
A: Clean the chamber, if necessary gently buff the chamber area with a light compound such as Flitz. Stop using crappy ammo, lubricate the chamber area correctly.

Q: I am having failure to feed isuues.
A: Try several different magazines and types of ammunition.

We sell several thousand barreled uppers a year. Unfortunately, for the rare barreled upper that we receive as a return for service, most are resolved by proper cleaning and lubrication.

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