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The AR15/M16 is composed of 4 basic sub-assemblies.

1) is the LOWER Receiver, the chunk of metal with the serial number- the thing you have to obtain to assemble our M&A Lower Parts kit (LPK) into.

2) The STOCK which is the recoil buffer tube, the spring, the buffer and if not a pistol...the stock itself.

3) The Bolt Carrier Asswembly (BCA, the bolt and carrier) as well as the Charging Handle. (BCA/CH)

4) The BARRELED UPPER which includes a barrel, a gas tube and gas block, an upper (either a2 or a4 w/ ejection port door cover, fwd assist), and a handguard. An A2 upper has rear sites and a handle, an A4 is simply a Picatinny 1913 railed Flat Top. Our VAR configurations come standard with a Railed Gas Block, all others come with an a2 Forged Front Site Base.

REMEMBER- Our descriptions are merely "starting points"- nothing is written in stone. It

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